Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Flying Carpet 2017

In October
The Flying Carpet
wanders gardens of autumn delight
taking solace from the chaos

Riotous begonias
before a morning of windowed frost

 A color poem of ivy

and Autumn Blaze Maple

One last heavenly morning glory
clinging to slanting shadows

Brave fall crocuses
giving threads of saffron

Intricacy of clematis

“Quincey” laden with fruit...
the apricot leaves making a golden
bed of sleep for winter

We bring the echeveria 
and the plectranthus
inside to feast on lingering bloom

and wish you an aspen glyph Halloween

Special thanks to Sialia, Sarah, 
and Gail and Zack
for letting The Flying Carpet
ripple through your morning gardens

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

September Flying Carpet 2017

In September
the Flying Carpet got blasted off course
by a Rocky Mountain High
Calder Mobiles suspended
in lily pond grays
at the Denver Botanic Garden
The Zeppelin Zooms
at TAXI in Denver
Wacky creativity runs amok
in a fantabulous jumble
at the studio of Susan Wick
“If walls could talk”
they'd sound a cacophony
in downtown Denver
early morning droplets
at Grand Lake
In the twinkling of an eye
The Flying Carpet believes
that there are still wondrous moments
in this broken world
Special thanks to Daniel
and Olivia

Friday, September 1, 2017

August Flying Carpet 2017

In August
The Flying Carpet
Had many close encounters 
of the Studio/ Gallery /Exhibition kind
Look close
and this is what you could see: 
Complexity Bundle

Chatoyancy Bundle

Memory of Rust

 Mystery Scroll

Tapa Bundle

Driftwood Bundle

 Harmonic Bundle

Collection of Shining Days

Ledger of Attachments

Thanks to everyone who came to visit
Dedicated to Paulus Berenson...
dancer, ceramic artist, journal maker, mentor, extraordinary being
Now "backpacking in the great beyond"” 

Monday, July 31, 2017

July Flying Carpet 2017

Hats  Off and On 
in Fanta Se  (Santa Fe)!!!!!
At Folk Art Market
And at Spanish Market 
Love from The Mad Hatter

Friday, June 30, 2017

June Flying Carpet 2017

In June the Flying Carpet flew to extremes...
in both Florida and New Mexico...
a world of contrasts:
Slithering rain
veiling hazy palm fronds
Fierce cactus
penetrating the crystal air
Day-glo heliconia
dripping a viridian raindrop
Fragility blossom
nestling in a prickly bed
Drenched waterlilies
glistening upon an inky pond
Dusty semperviviums
unfolding an invincible spirit
palm fruits
jazzing a sinuous trash dance
Pastel echeveria
basking in the radiance
Dedicated to Henry
Special thanks to Maia

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Flying Carpet 2017

The Light in the darkness  
Zooming in April through  
rural France, Barcelona, 
Lisbon, Sintra and Paris  
has left even The Flying Carpet  
a bit breathless for the last month.  
In La Chartres-sur-le-Loire  
where light and shadow coexist

 Sunbeams are focused 
and imagery magnified
through translucent glass filled with water
in a a brocante that looks like all my dreams

In Montmirail...
spiderwebs capture dawn in the graveyard

windows capture iridescence in the gloaming

In Vendome
prisms sparkle in The Church of the Trinity 

In Sintra at Monserrate
light on white on white

In Lisbon at Pavilhao Chines
toy airplanes swirl around the ceiling light

In Giverney 
 waterlilies luminesce against dark water

light floods the incomparable YELLOW kitchen

Frank Gehry's ship navigating
dimly lit clouds 
at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris

If only time would multiply like these reflections

 Many years of thanks to Zack