Saturday, September 29, 2018

September Flying Carpet 2018

In September
The Flying Carpet
saddled up and was rarin' to go to Texas
on a whirlwind trip

On the road, the wrecked billboards advertised blue sky
in the spaces between rotted boards and shredded ads

“Icy bridge” signs proclaimed unseasonable disaster

In Amarillo at the Coyote Bluff Cafe


translucent pack horses hauled neon beer signs

After a Texas shaped waffle for breakfast (!)
on the way to Dallas
“4,000 Cowboy Hats
20 miles ahead”

At the Turquoise Coffee Shop at Chillicothe

Cowboy and cowgirl silhouettes
sun-blasted plants
black thumbs

a sense of abandonment

We drove
 "Till the wheels fall off and burn”

No words needed

So glad I
 “waltzed across Texas with you”

Thanks to my sidekick, Zachariah


Friday, August 31, 2018

August Flying Carpet 2018

In August The Flying Carpet 
clicked it's heels together and heard,
“There's no place like home”

 Waking in the morning…
the garden after welcomed rain

Returning inside…
Looking though the door 

to the first collage studio

Entering the mysterious

Opening the drawers…
wondering what will change today?

 Trying to keep track of the daze

 Wandering back out the door

 To the main gallery space
where Zachariah's paintings
have been shown all month

Many visitors 
also seeing composite paintings
in his studio

And then back out to the garden
Good Morning!
How about a cup of tea?

"There's no place like home"

Special thanks to Zachariah
for collaborating 
on the studio/ gallery photographs

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Flying Carpet 2018

In July the Flying Carpet lent a HAND
and was one of 1,700 volunteers
for the 15th annual
International Folk Art Market
in Santa Fe

The HANDiwork 
of many many artists
and cooperatives 
from 56 countries worldwide
began with artist demonstrations
in supporting businesses downtown

and continued 
with the entry parade…
HANDS raised in welcome 
and celebration…
many embraces

At the Market
everyone is dressed to the 10's (!)
especially the Movers and Shakers


the Collectors

the Shoppers

 and the Artists

wrap it up and take it home!

It was HANDS down 
a fabulous event

Sunday, July 1, 2018

June Flying Carpet 2018

In this time of chaos and confusion*
Where you can't tell 
what's real and what's invention**

The primordial 
geometry of simplicity
will give a rest 
to the eye and the spirit***
Within the walls of the tea room
there is a moment
of orchestrated 
awareness and harmony**** 

The silent pause
before serving sencha tea
stops the swirling world*****
 Concentration on the perfection
of creation
helps us regain perspective******

Laughing with those we love
and empathy 
for the broken hearted
brings equilibrium******
*Meow Wolf
Santa Fe

**Meow Wolf
Santa Fe

*** Stage set for Madame Butterfly
Santa Fe Opera
Stage opens to allow the audience
to view a perfect sunset
(Thank you Anita)

****Strawberry Moon Tea Event
Jo Shin An Tea House Santa Fe
(Thank you Caroline)

*****Sencha tea event
at Tai Gallery Santa Fe
(Thank you Satori)

******Thank you Racine for all the adventures

Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Flying Carpet 2018

In May the Flying Carpet says,
"I left my heart in Japan…
had to go back and find it…

I searched for it 
in the exquisite geometry
of shadows on Hagi walls

in the ancient ritual 
of Taikodani Inari Shrine
in Tsuwano

in the preservation of 
time-honored life way
in Omoricho


in the massive Shimenawa
at Izumo Shrine

in the indescribable perfection
of the Adachi Garden in Yasugi 


in the elegant simplicity  
 at Kennin-ji Temple 
in Kyoto

in the attention to detail
of each bamboo wonder


and found it finally
caught up in the branches
of the revered  cherry tree
at Senbon Shakado

But I left a tiny tiny bit 
to await my return... "

Monday, April 30, 2018

April Flying Carpet 2018

In April
The Flying Carpet
life as a waking dream
in Japan reflections

In Kyoto 
at Kitano Temple
the spent cherry blossoms
“carpeted” the ground

In Hagi 
at the Merchant's house
the garden 
was like a watercolor
upon the painted screen

In Yasugi
Hiro Ajiki, ceramic artist
and follower of the Way of Tea
reflects on his life
and his love 
of Rabindranath Tagore's poetry
in faded photographs


Long remembered
with amazement...
mother of pearl
Japanese and Chinese
Fine Art Curios

At Kawaii Kanjiro's 
Residence and Museum
mingei is alive and well


In the misty morning
at the 
Kyoto Botanical Garden
100's of species of begonias
intoxicated us in an abun-dance


and the lotus pond
paid homage to 
Harry Callahan calligraphy

One wonders and wanders
 in beloved Kyoto

Who was that Masked Man?

Special thanks to Esprit Travel
Steve first who began it all
Nancy and Andy par excellence
and the best adventurers all