Thursday, April 30, 2020

April Flying Carpet 2020

In this time of extremity,
The Flying Carpet
is hovering in place.
 Obsessed with sprouts…
the most local food imaginable
grown in your kitchen hydroponically…
what could be more nutritious?

Radish Sprouts

 Sunflower sprouts

Mung bean sprouts


Alfalfa sprouts

So The Hovering Carpet 
invites you to enjoy
a virtual "sprout collage salad"
and looks forward 
to real meals together.
 My heart goes out to 
everyone who has
suffered loss.
Special thanks to Jacob 
who has been our lifeline.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March Flying Carpet 2020

In March
The Flying Carpet
"Sheltered in Place"
and finished the 
Islands and Coastlines
2019 Japan travel Journal
Please unpack it with me
Packets containing temple stamps
and place stamps
and drawings

and postcards
and a box containing 
Uchiko Candles
Naoshima shells
Next we unwrap the furoshiki
and find an accordion fold book
of photos, quotes, and writings
here are a few pages...

and a book 
of folded memorabilia
and a jumble of gratitude
to everyone
who was a part of
this extraordinary journey

Saturday, February 29, 2020

February Flying Carpet 2020

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you

Oaxaca Balloon Ladies

The Balloon Yentas strike again...

How full and luscious!

Hand blown glass balloons 
in Venice

The Flying Carpet 
is nine years old this month!
You can go back 
through all the years
if you choose.

Thank you for flying with me.

Friday, January 31, 2020

January Flying Carpet 2020

In January
The Flying Carpet
wished for 20/20 vision

In Greek Mythology
the two faced God
of passageways

and transitions

looks to the past

and to the present…

So whether your  path 
is full speed ahead

Or somewhat circuitous

Or every which way

The Flying Carpet wishes you
a year of fulfillment.

Dedicated to:
Theo Raven ...
looking to the past

and  Zoe and Dylan ...
looking to the future

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December Flying Carpet 2019

In December
the Flying Carpet
hovered over
the dream of japan...
The dream 
of the floating prayers
The dream 
of the mysterious access
The dream 
of the twilight port
The dream 
of the captive bicycles
The dream 
of the technicolor mountain
The dream 
of the disappearing woman
The dream 
of the seeker of rust
The dream 
of the Uchiko confluence
The dream 
of the reflected garden
The dream 
of the myriad anchors
The dream 
of the Naoshima spiderweb

The dream 
of the primordial dawn 
The dream 
of the Ando geometry
The dream 
of the return home