Saturday, October 31, 2020

October Flying Carpet 2020

 In October,
The Flying Carpet
attempts to navigate 
“The Cloud of Unknowing”
during this incredible time of

so many overlays 
of truth and falsehoods.

Images of palimpsest come to mind

Traditionally palimpsest referred to
a manuscript or writing fragment 
on which the original writing 
has been partially removed
to make room for later writing 
but with original traces remaining.

Now a palimpsest can be…
something reused or layered
but still revealing visible traces
like these walls in Nara, Japan
A palimpsest of billboard messages
subsumed in time
Or the message implied
by what remains visible

The forces of nature
obscuring a graveyard memorial

or autographs of men
fighting in Algeria…
a palimsest of
person superimposed upon place

…and history juxtaposed
with the present…
So many sailors from distant lands
waiting with their goods
quarantined on San Lorenzo,
“The Plague Island” off  Venice…
a palimpsest of their scrawls

“Before I Die' 

is a global wall art project…
originally created by Candy Chang
on an abandoned house 

in New Orleans
after the death of a loved one.
There are now
 over 5,000 of these walls 

around the world.

A Momento Mori 

for the modern age...
This one becomes an inscrutable
palimpsest in North Carolina

A memory moment
captured in reflection palimpsest

Summer Fall Winter Spring,
my journal for the year 2008…
layers of daily drawings
on translucent mylar...
fan shaped segments...
hermetic images
approximating the way
events can float
to the surface of memory

With heartfelt love to all...
Thanks to Sialia for making
the excellent box 
for Summer Fall Winter Spring

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September Flying Carpet 2020

 In September

The Flying Carpet notices 

that in this time of seclusion
and hasty planned escapes,
the happenstance of SERENDIPITY
seems almost non existent.

So, The Flying Carpet
sends you an antidote:
Greatest Hits of SERENDIPITY


Our neighborhood kebab joint
in Venice…
an assemblage readymade…

 AndrĂ© Breton, surrealist,
enthused about
“the chance encounter
of a sewing machine and an umbrella
on an operating table”
but how about
this Elephant Carving School
in Chaing Mai?

Mistaking free bookmarks
for our look-alike
Biennale tickets in Venice (!)
our day’s plans caput…
we discovered this strangeness…
SERENDIPITY… defined as
“an apparent aptitude
for making
fortunate discoveries accidentally”
These leering Nagas
and this sign in Laos
seemed like providence

Perhaps our most
day ever… April 8, 2017
Was it a dream, Nelly and Nancy?

Zack discovered
these tiny masterpieces
of scraped paint layers
hiding throughout
the Passages in Paris

How many years
and how many stories?
this ghostly silhouette…
bed headboard
in the demolished mansion
in Mexico City

the mystery of
Christo-ish repair
in Lisbon

alignment in Paris

Anachronistic SERENDIPITY
in the History of the Ages
Parade in Kyoto

and the gondolier
checking his cell phone
in Venice

of finding the perfect gift
for She Who Loves Giving

Dedicated to the memory of 
Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Artist unknown

Monday, August 31, 2020

August Wondering Carpet 2020

 In August

The Flying Carpet imagines
what this
Time out of Time
feels like to you…

perhaps a time of
rectangles within rectangles...
our eyes and minds
are pixilated


perhaps a time of
hives of loneliness


perhaps a time of
when mirrors are draped

perhaps a time of
time standing still



perhaps a time of
and sweeping up
the dust from parts of your life



perhaps a time of
(in the pupa stage
when the caterpillar’s enzymes
almost completely dissolve his body,
the imaginal discs remain
to form wings, antennae, and the rest)


perhaps a time of

perhaps a time of
connection without embrace…

Sending love 
in all languages to you

Friday, July 31, 2020

July Pre-emptive Carpet 2020

In July,
the Pre-emptive Carpet
entreats you to
make a plan NOW
to VOTE early

VOTE by mail
in the safety of your own home

photos taken in Kansas in 2001

Imaginary soundtrack for this post:
Jimi Hendricks
The Star Spangled Banner
at Woodstock

Flag assemblage


VOTE to bring sanity to congress

VOTE to confront the devastation
caused by the
“military Industrial complex”

VOTE to heal our country

photographer unknown

This post is dedicated to John Lewis

photo by Michael Avedon,
grandson of Richard Avedon

He leaves us with these words
from an op-ed in the New York Times
published the day of his funeral
July 30, 2020

"Ordinary people
with extraordinary vision
can redeem the soul of America
by getting in
what I call good trouble,
necessary trouble.
Voting and participating
in the democratic process
are key.
The vote
is the most powerful
nonviolent change agent
you have
in a democratic society."


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June Hovering Carpet 2020

During this “simultumultuous” time
of containment and explosion,
The Flying Carpet
is still hovering
and gathering together various collections
from over the years.

Here are a few:
The Bark Collection
(taken out of context
becoming something beyond)

The Collection of Edges
(saving and giving a home
to all the bits and pieces)

The Needle Book Collection
(the bizarre ideal woman)

The  Collection of Strange Envelopes
(became part of a year journal
from 2010 called Post Thanks)

The Collection of Miscellany
(Or the collection of things
everyone else throws away)

My friend Jean says,
“a collection is
when you have one
and you want more.”
I notice that
have only one letter
separating them.
What surprising collection
do you have?
From my isolation
giving thanks to each person
who is making
their courageous voice heard
for positive change.