Thursday, February 28, 2019

February Flying Carpet 2019

In February
The Flying Carpet
is attached to attachments

Attachments can be 
entirely unexpected
 (Ledger of Attachments)

Some attachments 
can involve much effort
(and many C  clamps)

Some people 
are attached to attachment
 (Raymond Isidore's
Maison Picassiette
in Chartres France)

Some are attached 
to detachment
(peeling posters in Paris)

Some attachments 
last for a lifetime
(Big shot, my therapist)

Some attachments 
can be temporary
(wanna-be artists 
draw on post-its
at Sennelier in Paris)

Some people 
attach things they reject
(Shinto worshippers
tie negative fortunes 
to trees at shrines)

So whether you are
Kindo-izing your condo
and “deaccesioning”
because you feel “stufficated”
(Sun Gallery/Tea Room)

or collecting 
like a bower bird
(Evening in Paris)

The Flying Carpet
hopes it all “sparks joy”
Special thanks to Bonnie

Thursday, January 31, 2019

January Flying Carpet 2019

In January
The Flying Carpet
makes a valentine for you.
It all started
with broken and chipped
mother of pearl buttons.
They are called Orphan Buttons
Then thinking about so many lives
broken apart
for so many reasons
Then sewing the buttons
and making a card
“Bind up the broken hearted…”
and sending it to you
and then playing with
all the parts left over
It's never too early or too late
to send valentines

Monday, December 31, 2018

December Flying Carpet 2018

In December
The Flying  Carpet
remembered 2018 as
The Year of Zany
We were all eyes and ears
for the news

waiting for
the other shoe to drop

everything seemed unreal

off kilter
and broken
We wanted to escape 
into chocolate,
outer space,
inner space
As we come out of the daze
and enter into the days of 2019
The Flying Carpet
sends wishes for
many intriguing doors 
to open for you

Friday, November 30, 2018

November Flying Carpet 2018

In November the Flying Carpet shares
shrines of Thanksgiving 

and gratitude
and remembrance.

The Ofrenda is a shrine
created during the 
Mexican Day of the Dead celebration.
This home memorial,
created at Casa Perea by several people
to honor the recently departed,
shows Ann Murdy and her photographs
of Oaxaca Dia De Los Muertos.
These community
Dia de Los Muertos shrines
at the Museum of International Folk Art,
Santa Fe,
are artistic translations of this tradition.
In rural Japan
families celebrate harvest
with humble but eloquent displays
outside their homes
and practical, functional and exquisite
wrappings and hangings
like these drying persimmons
These sake barrel offerings 
at Meiji shrine, Tokyo
symbolize blessings and abundance
An offering of auspicious elements
in the stall of a fish seller
at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo
magnetizes good luck.
Wandering through temples 
in Laos
our hearts are transported 
by so much glowing beauty.
Young monks are inspired and instructed
before the altar of their monastery
in Luang Prabang
The Flying Carpet
hopes these images 
will lift your spirits.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Flying Carpet 2018

In October 
The Flying Carpet savors FRANCE
In the U.S. it's known as “window shopping”.
In France they call it “licking the windows”!
Don'cha love it?
Josephine Baker… 
lampshade mimi-skirt etc., etc., etc.,

 The Famous Autograph Store
Chippendale Mermen at Tittilandus
Scratch 'n sniff
Cimetiére de Montmartre
stained glass illumination

Musée des Arts et Metiers
Bat Flying Machine 
soars into mythological gingerbread
Nancy's Eco Dyed fabric collage 
in the atelier
church window reflection…
Workshop Field Trip!!!!!
This one’s for you, Nancy…
quintessential France Beauty…
Manoir de Lorrain  in NOCÉ
Albert in clown mode
Nostalgia window
across from
La Maison d’Horbé, LE PERRIÉRE
where we had an astounding time
“The eyes are the windows of the soul”
The Church of Saint Genest in LAVARDIN
Frescoes disappearing in time
Special thanks to:
Valery, Jen, Ann, Nancy, Lang, Nelly,
Rick, and our Mascot, Hairy
(Photo by Zack)
and  Zack