Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August 2021Flying Carpet

 In August The Flying Carpet
has sent you to the Land of Scent.

Use your eyes 

to conjure the aroma of

the tenuous essence 

that occurs after rainfall

Marvelous moment of desert rain

Smell of approaching fall 

in New Mexico
Chili roasting…

Bundles of sage

A museum of smell!!!
The history of fragrance in Venice
at Mocenigo Palace

Safflower fields in rural France
Whiff of the exotic
Miasma of Evening in  Paris

Burning leaves
at the papermaker's shrine
…and your olfactory memories?

Saturday, July 31, 2021

July Flying Carpet 2021

 In July The Flying Carpet
welcomes you 

 Through The Looking Glass
into Rieke Studios

 Over the threshold
Where memory is bundled

and papers are illuminated
Where time flies
and lines ripple
Where black and white 
exchange letters
Where reflections keep their secrets
Where cages are empty
and suitcases are full
Where rust sleeps in the garden
The Flying Carpet invites you
to visit Rieke Studios
through the month of August
by appointment

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

June Flying Carpet 2021

 In June
The Flying Carpet


This little Pridelette
the delicious moment

This bigger Pride-ette
knows how to celebrate…
adorned and adored
This Space-Walker
strutted her stuff
on the Plaza
Wanda The Wanderer
tried Internet dating

And finally thought
Gus The Gunslinger
was The One

before he rode off
into the sunset
Harley Grampa
made a quick get-a-way
as well
Stone sculptor Mark Saxe
was excited about
finishing his biggest fountain 
Susann Craig left us
to decorate
The Great Beyond
with her ebullient presence

Special thanks to
Maggie for Wanda
Gayle for Gus
and Jill for 
gathering the Creatives

Monday, May 31, 2021

May Flying Carpet 2021

 After dreaming about travel 

for over a year,
The Flying Carpet,
vaxxed and not vexed
finally went somewhere!!!
“Life as a Waking Dream”

“I dreamed I” owned a paint store
in Truth or Consequences, 

New Mexico

“I dreamed I” was playing my favorite game“ Reflections” 

in T or C

and  in Hatch, New Mexico
“I dreamed I” saw whacky art
outside A Space Gallery
in Silver City, New Mexico

Where I saw that blue! blue!
New Mexico sky
And the most funky-fabulous mosaics

“I dreamed I” went to the movies
in an actual movie theater!!!!

     "I dreamed I” played dress up
at Patsy's Vintage Fantasies
Photo by Victoria Rabinowe
"I dreamed I” said goodbye
to Silver City

"I dreamed I"  was 
"On the Road again”
To The City of Rocks

“I dreamed I"  stole from the rich
to give to the poor

Special thanks to Victoria
(my hilarious traveling companion)

And to Ann
(the Mostess Hostess
with the sweet suite)
and the wonderful
show of her paintings
Photo by Victoria
 Sending love to all of you…
May all your dreams come true

Friday, April 30, 2021

April Flying Carpet 2021

 As some of us
prepare to creep tentatively
into the world
beyond our doorstep
What is this world?

Is it the ancient and modern world
of privilege and want? *

The globes of constellations
chasing each other
now playing tag with satellites?

The weight of the world
rests on whose shoulders?

Have we learned anything? **
Is it a  Globe of Stereotypes?***
Is it a Globe of Worthless Money? ****
Is it a Globe of Flight*****
where “birds are free
from the chains of the skyway”

--Bob Dylan
Will we travel again
and sense the wonders
of that which is unknown?******

“With dewdrops dripping
I wish somehow I could wash
this perishing world”
*Old globes from Venice
**Rieke Studios 
***Gail Rieke
****Gail Rieke
*****Gail Rieke
******Gail Rieke